Concurrency CS&P 2011SPECIfication
and Programming
International Workshop,
28-30 September 2011, Pułtusk, Poland


CS&P 2011 Proceedings

The proceedings of International Workshop on Concurrency, Specification and Programming - CS&P 2011, are published in the electronic form.

The proceedings volume should be referred to as:

Marcin Szczuka, Ludwik Czaja, Andrzej Skowron, Magdalena Kacprzak - Editors
Concurrency, Specification and Programming. Proceedings of International Workshop CS&P 2011
28 -30 September  2011, Pułtusk, Poland
ISBN: 978-83-62582-06-8
Published by: Białystok University of Technology

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The papers are in PDF format. The complete volume is also available as a single PDF file, in case anyone wants to print it out.

ISBN 978-83-62582-06-8